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Address: Rm2909, NO.1 Building, Jia NO.6 ShuGuangXiLi, Chaoyang District, Beijing
Company profile

Beijing Talent Trade Co., Ltd. is registered and established in 2001 with headquarter located in the heart of Yansha Business Area near The China International Exhibition Center in Chaoyang District, Beijing. We operate branches in Guangzhou, shanghai and Chengdu. Hong Kong Talent International Co. Ltd. is a subsidiary of the company to cover all the international businesses.

We own office areas of over 1000 m2 and have rented warehouse of about 1500 m2 with environmental and security controls for safe keeping of our products.

BTTCO is a well established distributor of medical devices in China with an earned reputation for being reliable, efficient, friendly and technically competent. This has been achieved by a strong team of over 150 members who have excellent competency with relevant education background and extensive working experiences.

BTTCO does not only distribute the products from the manufacturers to the users, but also add value to the products by recognizing the individuality of the products and matching them with the right customer(s), and providing the manufacturers with feedbacks collected from the market to support the products improvements.

Our Values:All for one, and one for all
Our Mission:Provide better products for doctors to help patients 
Our Purpose: Establish a world class trading platform for medical devices, which benefits the doctors, patients and manufacturers.

Product list:
● Accufuser and Accufuser Plus, Woo Yong medical Co., Lt d in China, exclusive distributor since 1998.
● Nursing product, 3M company in China, regional agent since 1999.
● Patient monitor, SpaceLabs in China, regional agent since 2002.
●In 2004, exclusive distributor of Aspect medical system in China, product BIS electroencephalograph monitor.
●In 2005, regional agent SpaceLabs in China, product patient monitor and Blease anaesthesia system.
●In 2005, exclusive distributor of Armstrong Medical Ltd in China, product ARMSORB PLUS Carbon dioxide absorbing agent.
●In 2006, regional agent of TRUPHATEK medical system Co. in China,product laryngoscope.
●In 2007, agent of ALARIS Medical Systems in China,product  TCI pump.
●In 2008, agent of Philips Respironics Inc. in China, product Ventilatory Support System  .
●In 2009,general distributor of Radiometer medical ApS in China,  product TCM (Transcutaneous monitoring system).
●In 2009, general distributor of Moog group in China, product Aitecs and SEP serius syringe pump.
●In 2009, agent of Covifien in China, product BIS electroencephalograph monitor.
●In 2010,agent of STERIS Corporation in China, product operating table and light.
●In 2011,agent of Zerone Co.,Ltd. in China, product  Electrosurgicalunit.
●In 2011,Philips Sleep Experience Centre of BTTCO was established. The world class Sleep Experience Room was built. The professional engineers and Receptionist will serve the custome.
●In 2012, general distributor of ThermoFisherScientific in China, product PCT-Q.
●In 2015, regional agent Verathon China, product Video Laryngoscope System GlideScope and BladderScan .
●In 2015, regional agent of Christie Medical Holdings, Inc in China, product VeinViewer.
In 2016, regional agent of Barkey GmbH, Inc , product infusion warmer.
In 2018, exclusive agent of  Verathon Inc. in China, product GlideScope and BladderScan.
In 2018, regional agent of AmBu A/S , product endoscopic camera system.
In 2018, regional agent of Osachi, product PainVision.

In 2019, regional agent of Gebrüder Martin, product Surgical medical device and Sterilization box.
In 2021, regional agent of STERIS Corporation, Product Low Temperature Sterilization System

We are looking forward to cooperating with you to share a bright future!

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